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Ice skating fun

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Ice skating fun

Put charming chalets around or on the ice rink!

Chalets around or on the ice rink

Would you like to expand your ice rink with a real Christmas market, or are you looking for some extra sales capacity, we have a whole range of easy to build wooden structures.

Perhaps you are looking for a winter bar?

In Kapellen, you can clearly see how complementary our alpine cabins are with skating rinks. The annual ice rink there looks completely different since 2019. The former tent has been replaced by one of our Winter Almhuts. We can easily link the temporary winter bar to the skating rink. Ideal for drinking that well-deserved glass of mulled wine after skating.

Find details about our Winter Almhut here !

Building an Alpine hut indoors?

As you may know by now, both our chalets and alpine huts are fully mobile. This means that we can also build them up perfectly indoors. Indoors? Yes we can! We simply build them in the middle of your indoor skating rink. We did the same for the Kristallijn in Ghent. A few years ago we built a small winter market with chalets and an alpine hut in the middle of the ice rink.

Click further to discover our different chalets. Click here to find out more about the Winter Almhut.

Ice skating fun