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EASY Ticket Booth 2.9 x 2.25m

For rent

EASY Ticket Booth 2.9 x 2.25m

Easy Ticket Booth

Long queues for receipts? Nobody likes that. These wooden huts of 6.5 m² are perfectly suited as ticket booth and guarantee a smooth and safe sale. Three people can sit in front of three rows of visitors. The huts can be locked safely.


  • Dimensions: 2.9 x 2.25 m (6.5 m²)
  • Easy to assemble: thanks to a simple click-system.
  • Linkable: with each other and with the alpine huts.
  • Well insulated
  • Certified: according to the European standard EN 13782.
  • Burglary resistant: canopy opens and closes with a hydraulic pump and the doors have keys.
  • Clever transport and storage
  • A to Z service: All Events takes care of the transport and installation of all chalets.
Technical sheet

Sustainable transport and stock

  • 40ft HC container = 24 EASY TICKET BOOTHS
  • 1 standard trailer = 24 EASY TICKET BOOTHS
  • 1 mega trailer = 28 EASY TICKET BOOTHS
  • Infinitely high stackable in storage with forklift
  • Can be moved with a forklift when fully assembled
Find out how it works here!

Possible applications

  • 3 sales windows
  • Door at the back
  • Door on side (left or right side)

Contact us for a custom rentquote: EASY Ticket Booth 2.9 x 2.25m