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XXL chalet 16 x 4.65m

For rent

XXL chalet 16 x 4.65m

The Easy Set Up chalets

The XXL chalet is the largest model in our range of mobile chalets. This wooden log cabin has a usable area of 73m². Despite its size, it can be easily and quickly assembled. This model is only available on request and has to be rented for at least four weeks. Especially during the Christmas period, this model is in high demand. So be sure to make your request in time!

Possible applications

  • Skate rental
  • Mobile bar, mobile café
  • Info point, reception chalet, pick-up point
  • Market stall, kiosk
  • Sales stand, merchandise stand, promotion stand
  • Dressing room, storage
  • Accomodation chalet
  • ...


  • Dimensions: 16 x 4.65m (73m²)
  • Easy to assemble: thanks to a simple click system.
  • Linkable: with each other and with the alpine huts.
  • Well insulated.
  • Certified: according to the European standard EN 13782.
  • Burglary resistant: canopy opens and closes with a hydraulic pump and the doors have keys.
  • Clever transport and storage: their compact design allows them to be stacked easily.
  • A to Z service: All Events takes care of the transport and installation of all chalets.
  • Extra options: shelves, heating, lighting

Contact us for a custom rentquote: XXL chalet 16 x 4.65m