Industrial tents

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Industrial tents

Create extra space on short notice with temporary halls from All Events.
Our storage tents conform to the highest quality and adhere to strict European standards.
With a maximum span of 30m and a maximum sidewall height of 7m, we can cater to every request.

Various standard options:

  • uninsulated, partially insulated or completely insulated tents
  • canopy without sidewalls
  • tents with condensation protection
  • ventilated tents (agricultural tents)
  • drivable tents
  • ...

All halls can be extended with various options:

  • fixed wall panels, storefront windows, partitions
  • sliding and revolving doors, swing gates and roller doors
  • lighting
  • rain gutters
  • portable heating
  • collision protection
  • ...

We provide the best solution for your situation.

The industrial tents, storage tents or temporary halls provide multiple solutions, such as extra storage space, covered horse track, workshop, production sites, pop-up garage, temporary showroom, ...  for long or short term use.

Feel free to contact us for a personalised rental or sales quote or inquire about our selection of second hand storage tents.

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