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For rent


Temporary and comfortable luxury camping with the Festihut - 7.5m²

Camping in style

Looking for something to offer visitors just that little bit more comfort? Then All Events has the perfect solution for you: the Festihut! With their comfortable equipment, every visitor goes to the festival field with an easy mind.

In no time at all we build a temporary and comfortable luxury campsite for your event. No more wet beds and clothes!

NOW WITH EXTRA OPTIONS! From now on you can also provide lighting, a power box (USB charger) and storage space.


  • 7,5m²
  • Insulated roof
  • Fixed floor 10 cm above the ground
  • Fully lockable with 2 unique keys
  • Conform to European standard EN13782
  • Max. 6 beds (3 bunk beds) with full mattresses
  • Optional bedding and furnishings

We take care of the transport and installation of the cabins!


With an area of 7.5m², there is room for up to 4 adults or up to 6 children. Even full mattresses, bedding and sanitary facilities can be provided! The folding hatch provides the cabin with plenty of light and ventilation.

See the technical sheet for more details!

Technical sheet

Contact us for a custom rentquote: Festihut