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The Festihut offers you nothing but benefits:

All Events is responsible for the transport and installation of the Festihuts.

Due to the compact dimensions, a large number of Festihuts fit on a trailer. The Festihuts are quickly installed.
This means that All Events leaves your premises in no time and thus does not get in the way of your employees.


The Festihut of All Events offers every comfort:

  • max. 4 beds (2 bunk beds) with full mattresses
  • an insulated roof
  • a fixed floor 10 cm above the ground
  • optional bedding and furnishing

The Festihut is ideal for those who want to camp, but still want to sleep comfortably. Moist beds and clothing are a thing of the past!


With an area of 7.5 m2 there is room for 4 people. The big part in the Festihut emphasizes the spacious feeling.


To guarantee safety, there is a lockable door in the Festihut.
This conforms to European standard EN 13782.

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