Festihut XL

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Festihut XL

The Festihut of All Events ... but then Éxtra Large!

Take the whole gang with you to your favorite event, without a tent and everything that goes with it to drag you along ... The Festihut XL offers the solution!

Relax in the camp site in full-size beds in a weatherproof cabin. Enjoy a carefree visit in the cozy 'Festivillage'.


The Festihut XL offers every comfort:

  • a fixed floor 10 cm above the ground
  • an insulated roof
  • max. 14 beds (7 bunk beds) with full mattresses
  • interior lighting
  • 3 power connections

Long story short: ideal for those who want to camp with a group, but still want to sleep comfortably.


To ensure safety, there is a lockable door.
Everything in accordance with European standard EN 13782.


With a surface area of 22.5 m², there is room for 14 people. The large hatches in the Festihut XL emphasize the spacious feeling.

Festihut XL Friendzone

Optionally, a raised terrace of 25m² with accompanying tables (up to 14 seats) can be provided.

Nice chillaxing with the friends on the private terrace. Weather or no weather, always a dry place to be cozy together!

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