XL Chalets 4,5 x 5m

For rent

XL Chalets 4,5 x 5m

22,5m² (also linkable)

All Events is responsible for the transport and, if desired, the first installation of the XL chalets.

Due to the compact dimensions, 9 folding XL chalets fit on 1 truck.

  • Christmas markets, food festivals, fairs, trade fairs, exhibitions, parking sales, summer market, ...
  • Sales stand, promotional stand, bar, kiosk, changing room, storage space, sleeping place, ski hut, ...

Chalet XL 4,5 x 5,0m

  • Different configurations possible (doors, canopies)
  • Standard with interior lighting
  • Interconnectable on 5m side
  • Also interconnectable with 3m x 2.5m chalets
  • Optional with max. 7 bunk beds

Price on request

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