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For rent


Perfect for temporary catering extension / winter terrace / patio cover

Looking for a mobile wooden patio cover?

Then rent one of our FLEXCUBES. With our FLEXCUBE you score immediately and turn your terrace or catering business into an unforgettable experience. We'll get them to your location in no time. With the flexible roll-up or fixed walls you create the perfect covered space for both cold and warm days.

Rent a mobile wooden shelter?

With a mobile patio cover or pergola from All Events you can create an extension of your catering business in no time.

All our patio covers are free-standing and self-supporting. The flat roof creates a sleeker look so that it can be used for both summer or winter terraces. Our pergolas can also be perfectly attached to the facade of your business, so that you can serve your customers without any worries.
A cube of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 m is the basic dimensions (lxwxh) for each patio cover. These can be connected infinitely, resulting in a very flexible system with countless applications and possibilities.

Some possible dimensions and arrangements:

  • 2.5x5m
  • 5x5m
  • 5x10m
  • 7.5x10m
  • 10x10m
  • L shapes
  • U-shapes
  • ...

Contact us for a custom rentquote: FLEXCUBE