EASY chalets

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EASY chalets

High quality flatpacked chalets

The easy assembly: the ultimate asset of the EASY chalet

  • Galvanised floor frame
  • Reinforced wooden side panels
  • Put together by means of a click and slide system
  • Can be assembled by 2 people in 4 minutes
  • Conform European standard EN 13782

Fast and smooth tranportation

  • 24 EASY chalets in 1 standard semi-trailer
  • 24 EASY chalets in 1 40ft HC container
  • 28 EASY chalets in 1 mega trailer
  • Stackable on each other without additional brackets

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A myriad of possible applications

  • Christmas markets, food festivals, fetes
  • Fairs, exhibitions
  • Parking lot sales
  • Sales stand, promotional stand, bar
  • Kiosk, changing room, storage space
  • Sleeping area
  • ...

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