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Durable and unique covers for catering businesses

Dry and coronaproof terrace

It may be winter, but people continue to go out for something to eat or drink. Make your terrace accessible all year round with one of our durable structures! With a Flexcube, Flat or Alpine cabin from All Events, you can create an extension of your catering business in no time and keep your customers dry.

In our range we have several ideal structures for an extension or roofing of your current usable area. Discover them below!

Expand your current surface area

Our Flexcubes are ideal structures to expand your current patio even more. They require no anchoring, so we can place it wherever you want. The units are infinitely linkable resulting in many different possibilities! The shutters are ideal for changeable weather conditions!

This structure exists in two versions: the authentic and warm Flexcube Brown or the trendy and summery Flexcube White!

Discover our Flexcube Brown here!

Discover our Flexcube White here!

A unique roof for your terrace

Our Summer Alpine cabin can be easily coupled against the facade of your business. The glass wall system brings in a lot of light and at the same time makes sure that the alpine hut is completely closed off. You can also choose to leave out the walls and use it only as a roof.

Discover our Summer Alpine cabin here !

A temporary, mobile pergola

Our Flat is perfect if you want to put up a temporary pop-up bar or patio. It is fully mobile and again the possibilities are endless. You can choose between different wall options: decorative balustrade, window, full wall, etc.

Discover our Flat here !