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Mobile sports court

For sale

Mobile sports court

Mobile and playable all year round!

Create your own mobile sports ground

The sports field of All Events is specially designed so that it remains playable throughout the year. Even during the winter! The unique floor system is self-draining and dries quickly. Even when it has rained, players can quickly resume their game.

The biggest advantage is that the construction is fully mobile. So you can place it wherever you want. On the gravel area of the tennis courts or on a piece of gravel that is not being used. In this way your court is also optimally used!

Playable all year round thanks to the unique floor system

Quick-dry: In Belgium it rains about 8% of the time. We also took that into account. Thanks to the all-weather surface, the field is self-draining and quick-drying. So the players can get back on the field quickly after the rain!

Maintenance-free: The pitch does not need to be watered, rolled or levelled, making it perfect for use all year round. In addition, no sanding is required so it always looks neat!

Low Injury Risk: The non-slip top layer of the floor provides a perfect foot grip and walking comfort that greatly reduces the risk of injuries!

Specifications of the court

  • Versatile use (padel, tennis, fitness training, ..)
  • Self-draining floor system
  • Non-slip top layer
  • Perfect ball bounce
  • Shock absorbing
  • Integrated dimensionally stable lineation
  • ITF 4 certified court  
  • In accordance with padel standards
  • A to Z service: to take away all your worries, we take care of the complete installation, transport and storage if you wish!

Everything starts with a good foundation

The biggest asset of our padel court is its mobility. This means that we can place the construction on any surface, level or not!

Take a look at the technical sheet for more information or contact us without any obligation!

Brochure padel court

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