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Trade shows

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Trade shows

Booths with stopping power!

Something different from a tent

The exhibition stand is your business card at the fair. It is very important that it catches the eye! So forget the traditional white tent. Rent one of our Alpine cabins or Barns for your next trade fair or expo and your customers will come to you! With our constructions your company will immediately stand out and people will definitely remember your name.

Discover our Octagon here!

For successful meetings

Whether you want a small stand with a unique design or you want to attract attention with a grand concept ... We make the most of every square meter and ensure successful meetings. Designing impressive constructions is our specialty!

Discover our Alpine cabins here!

Design your own exhibition stand

Want to see what the design of your choice would look like? No problem. Just let us know what structure you are interested in and we will deliver a custom exhibition stand design including a detailed quote. If none of our standard designs appeal to you, let us know your specific requirements and we will design a custom booth!

Each mobile almhut is at least 5m wide and can be extended up to 27,5m. In length the possibilities are endless, because the huts are modular. Already in the design phase we take into account your expectations in order to draw the ideal concept for your terrace or event.

View the wall options here

Trade shows