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Mobile chalets

Mobile chalets

Our mobile chalets are used worldwide on the most diverse occasions. You can find them at winter villages, food markets, Christmas markets, festivals, après ski, fairs, summer markets, exhibitions, fairs, parking sales, etc. Whether your event takes place inside or outside, we have a chalet for every occasion!

All Events has different types of fully collapsible chalets. The biggest asset is our Easy Set Up system. In no time at all we can set up a whole village, market or campsite thanks to the simple click system of the chalets. This smart design translates into sustainable transport, efficient storage and lower costs. Good for the environment and the wallet!

What can our chalets be used for?

  • Festivals, Christmas markets, fairs, exhibitions, sales, ...
  • Mobile bar, food stand, drinks stand
  • Info point, welcome chalet, ticket booth, pick-up point
  • Market stall, kiosk
  • Sales stand, rental stand, merchandise stand, promotional stand
  • Dressing room, storage
  • Accommodation chalet
  • ...

Thanks to our expertise of more than 15 years and our know-how in wood structures, we can offer you a varied range of chalets. We have them available in different models and sizes. Take a look below!