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About us


Below, we have listed the most frequently asked questions along with their answers. Is your question not included? Feel free to contact us via the contact page!

What can I rent an alpine hut for?

Thanks to the modular system and the flexible wall system, our structures are suitable for many different applications! Winter or summer bar, après-ski bar, beach bar, pop-up store, wedding barn, ticket booth at a festival, themed bar (Oktoberfest, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), terrace extension, freestanding bar, exhibition stand, etc. and much more!

Are the structures wind and storm proof?

We are the only company in Belgium that is EN 13782 certified. A trump card of which we are enormously proud! This European standard imposes strict requirements on the construction and testing of our temporary chalets and larger structures.

Are the structures fireproof?

All our Alpine huts have an M1 fire classification. The French M1 fire rating is a generally accepted standard for fireproof materials in Europe. This certificate shows that our structures have been treated to make them flame-retardant. Our roofing tarpaulins are also treated to make them fire-resistant.

Do I need an environmental licence?

This depends on how long the structure is to remain in place and on local regulations. It is best to check with the municipality where you would like to erect the structure.

On what kind of ground can the structures be built?

The Alpine huts and Barns of All Events are fully mobile and can be erected on any location. In case of uneven ground we make sure that the structure is level.

How long does it take to build an alpine hut?

The time it takes to build depends of course on the design of the alpine hut. A standard 10m by 10m alpine hut can be erected in less than one day with only manpower and forklifts!

How durable are the structures of All Events?

Our folding chalets and alpine huts are designed with ease of use and durability in mind. The unique thing about our structures is that they can be completely dismantled and stored. Each structure is thus reused for a new project. Thanks to this smart design, our structures have a very long life expectancy. A chalet can last up to 15 years. Our alpine huts and barns between 5 and 10 years.