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Why All Events?

About us

Why All Events?

Belgian quality - personal cooperation - experienced team

One of a kind

As the only manufacturer and distributor of this type of structure in Belgium, we can say with certainty that our Alpine huts and barns will make your event memorable.

Our strengths

  • Qualitative and robust structures

We are the only company in Belgium to be EN 13782 certified. A trump card of which we are enormously proud! This European standard imposes strict requirements on the construction and testing of our temporary chalets and alpine huts.

  • 100% Belgian craftsmanship!

Our entire production process is located in Belgium. From idea to 3D design to production to construction. Everything starts in Zedelgem.

  • Service from A to Z

We do more than just set up a construction. From the first meeting, we check your wish list against the practical. Together, we arrive at a concept fully tailored to your needs.

Working with All Events

  • In which regions are we active?

Our company is located in Zedelgem, but we place our wooden structures all over Belgium. We also go to the Netherlands or France once in a while for a construction.

  • Who do we mainly work for?

Because of the multiple applications of our structures, we have a very varied clientele. From cities and municipalities, to catering businesses, to festivals, to event agencies...

  • How do we work?

Contact us via info@all-events.be or +32(0)50 84 18 30 and we will provide you with the necessary information, a quotation or brochures without any obligation as soon as possible.

Why All Events?