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Sustainable partner

About us

Sustainable partner

Commitment to the environment

All Events wants to do its part and is therefore strongly committed to sustainability! It all starts with the unique design of our structures. The result is reflected in the way our structures are built, how we transport them, which materials we use, etc. As we strive for an environmentally conscious approach within our own organisation, it is only natural that we extend our internal philosophy to the market by bringing environmentally conscious products or activities.

The advantages of modular structures


The unique advantage of our structures is that they can be completely dismantled and stored. This modular construction method allows us to reuse each structure for a new project.


Because we can store our structures out of the rain and wind, a long life is guaranteed. Our foldable Easy Chalets can serve up to 15 years. Our Alpine huts and Barns between 5 and 10 years.


Thanks to the clever design of our Almhuts and Chalets, they can be completely 'folded' for transport. This means that we can transport multiple structures on the same trailer, which reduces the carbon footprint!

Wood as a building material

We love wood! It is a natural raw material that has so many advantages. But it is important that it is used in the right way. What exactly is sustainable forestry? What is the importance of wood? Why choose labelled wood? Learn more about wood as a building material and why we should use it.

Sustainable partner