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Winter Almhut

For rent

Winter Almhut

Ideal as an apr├Ęs-ski and winter bar

Rent a mobile wooden barn for your winter event!

Are you looking for a mobile wooden barn to use temporarily as an après-ski bar? With our Alpine cabin you will score immediately and turn your event into an unforgettable experience. Thanks to their authentic look, every visitor immediately feels as if they are in the Alps. The chalets are mobile and robust. We can get them to your location in no time.

All Events takes care of the transport and the placement.

Completely tailor-made

Each mobile alpine cabin is at least 5 metres wide and can be extended to 27.5 metres. The length possibilities are endless, because the huts are modular and can be extended with a wall of 2.5 or 5m each time.

Layout completely as you wish: with glass walls, doors, etc. Already in the design phase we take into account your expectations in order to draw up the ideal concept for your terrace or event.

View the wall options here

Qualitative, atmospheric and sustainable

All wooden huts are made of Altholz, a sustainable method that reuses old wood. As a result, each wall has a different structure and the hut radiates warmth and cosiness. The Alpine huts conform to strict European standards regarding wind and stability.

Conform : EN 13782
Conform : EN 1990
Conform : EN 1991

Did you know that our alpine hut is also an excellent party location in summer? They can be rented as a beach bar. Find out more about it.

Technical sheet

What is possible?

Our standard configuration is a 10m x 10m Alm hut, but so much more is possible! Our Alpine huts can be linked together, which means that there are many possible configurations.

Do you need even more space and want to impress your guests at the same time? Then build an extra floor with a view of the surroundings. Our Alpine huts will make your winter event unforgettable! Ask about our possibilities.

More interested to buy? Check out our range on our Cabin Construct website. (Cabin Construct was founded in 2004 from All Events and specialises in the sale of mobile wooden structures).

Contact us for a custom rentquote: Winter Almhut